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Call for Proposals: Greater Atlanta Regional Grants for the Study of Entrepreneurship and Productivity

The Kauffman Foundation and the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) have provided substantial research funding to support a three year small grants research consortium at universities in the greater Atlanta region.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
• Commercialization of technology developed from industrial or university research, as well as more general entrepreneurial topics at the university/industry interface

• How organizational forms (e.g., incubators, venture firms, banks, associations, industry groups, and organizations such as GRA) and legal and regulatory factors affect entrepreneurial activity

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Visit the Kauffman Foundation's website to find out more about the roadmap: "On the Road to an Entrepreneurial Economy:
A Research and Policy Guide"
Kauffman Foundation

• The relationship between gender and other demographic factors and entrepreneurship.

This initiative supports a very broad definition of entrepreneurship as is described in the Kauffman Roadmap (linked at the right-hand side of this page). Calls for proposals will be made twice yearly for the 3-year duration of the grant.

Usage of Funds
The bulk of the funds will be used to stimulate research on entrepreneurship topics of general interest to academics and policy makers, but funds have also been set aside for studies and workshops on issues more narrowly focused on the State of Georgia. Funds have also been set aside for two regularly scheduled work-shops. The first will be a Georgia entrepreneurship policy workshop. The focus will be entrepreneurship in the State of Georgia and the intended audience will be researchers and policy makers. The second workshop will be a brown bag luncheon with a more academic focus; the intended audience is academic researchers with interests in entrepreneurship.

Award Information
It is anticipated that awards will be generally be between $10,000 and $15,000. Allowable expenses will include student research assistants, data purchase, survey research costs, or summer support. Smaller awards will be available for travel to support data collection and travel to bring researchers from outside the greater Atlanta area for presentation and consultation. Further, it is anticipated that some awards will be viewed as seed money to develop more extensive proposals that might be funded by the Kauffman Foundation, among others. Rewards will be competitively granted and open to faculty and graduate students from any university or college in the greater Atlanta region.

All awards, with the exception of travel awards, will require one of two deliverables. Either an academic or policy paper submitted to the three Co-PIs, or a presentation of the research results made at one of three venues. These are the annual Roundtable on Engineering Entrepreneurship Research (REER) conference held at the College of Management, Georgia Institute of Technology, the entrepreneurship brown bag luncheon or the Georgia policy workshop.

Two-thirds of the funding for faculty will be granted when the award is made and the remainder will be granted when the deliverable is made. Funding for all other purposes will be granted at the time the award is made.

Funds will be awarded either directly to the individual or to the individual's university and can be used for data acquisition, support of graduate students, purchase of data or direct faculty support. If funds are pro-vided to the university rather than the individual, the proposal must be formally submitted by the PI's university. Neither Kauffman nor GRA pay indirect costs.

Submission Information
Please submit proposals to Jerry Thursby by Tuesday, December 15th. See contact information below. 

The grants program will be overseen by Jerry Thursby (Georgia Institute of Technology), Marie Thursby (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Paula Stephan (Georgia State University).

Jerry Thursby,
Georgia Institute of Technology
Phone Icon 404.385.6513
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Marie Thursby,
Georgia Institute of Technology
Phone Icon 404.894.6249
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Paula Stephan,
Georgia State University
Phone Icon 404.651.3988
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